June 28th, 2006

Florence, Day One

oh my god what a day. i don't even know if it could be considered a day, since i've been on a plane or in an airport for possibly more than 24 hours but whatever. anyway. the whole airport process was a lot easier than i thought it would be. check in, get your boarding pass, keep your passport with you at all times and board the plane. but the thing that sucked butt was connecting flights. i only had a little bit of time inbetween london to munich and munich to florence, but luckily god was shining dow upon me and brought me a friend. i met her in line while waiting to check in, and she helped me get to where i had to go and kept me company. interesting person, very well traveled. luckily (or unluckily, whatever) both of our connections got delayed so we eventually got to florence... but at 2 hours later than scheduled.

THE CRAPPIEST PART ABOUT THIS TRIP THUS FAR AND IS MAKING ME VERY EMOTIONAL: the damn airport delayed my luggage. crap. it really sucks. worst of all, after getting my keys to the apartment and having the crazy taxi driver drop me off in front of the door, i had no idea how to open it. those keys are freakin medieval i tell you, so huge and strange. some stranger ended up opening the first door for me but i didn't know how to open the next one. it was really dark and humid inside because i didn't know how to work the light, but eventually after several bouts of panic i figured it out. so there i was, sweating my ass off in the only clothes i have (until tomorrow, when I HOPE TO GOD i can get my baggage) meeting my new roommates who were very sympathetic, as i found one of them also had a delayed luggage as well. she suggested i strip down to nothing and wear a towel so we could wash our clothes in the washer so we'd have something fresh to wear tomorrow and guess what, i actually did. I ACTUALLY DID. my first impression on these people is me freaking out and then wearing a towel. damn it all.

our apartment is really old and ancient but its very charming and pretty. each room has their own distinct style to it. unfortunately since i was one of the last people to get there i got the "crappiest" room, on the 2nd story, which has no view at all, but apparently has its own sink for some reason. plus we're near the bathroom so that's good. sigh, unfortunately due to my current problem i can't really see the beauty of florence quite yet.

GRAR STUPID LUGGAGE I HATE THE WORLD. anyway, later at night, some of my roommates and i went out to some pizzaria, which wasn't all that great since we don't know how to pick places yet, and may i remind you i was wearing some roommate's clothes which didn't fit that well (a peach wife beater and tight ucla shorts, argh). so i tried bonding with them, which was alright, but they seemed to be good friends of their own already and yarghh... first days SUCK. they SUCK. geebus, i need my stuff...