July 23rd, 2011

the shit that i do at 7:48 on a saturday morning:

go downstairs to the garage
tiptoe past the people sleeping on the couch
assess the remnants of last night
empty half drunk beer bottles
make piles of 1. recyclable 2. unopened
throw away the contents of a very full ashtray
and hide the evidence
put the dishes away, wash them
(so my mom doesn't have a passive aggressive fit)
contemplate what to make for breakfast
(but we don't have any decent food in the fridge anyway
so fuck it i'll just wait to get something for lunch)
realize how i'm the only one up
and try to go back to bed but
the sun is already out so i just
get on the computer
worry about not having work in 2 weeks
wonder how i can just stop thinking about depressing things i cannot change
remember to enjoy the goddamn weekend
and forget the existence of monday.