Rest assured everyone, I am still awesome. (staceyu) wrote,
Rest assured everyone, I am still awesome.

in the process of moving

all my journal entries from livejournal to blogger, which will take a couple days, as blogger only allows 50 blog posts per day, and i have about 1350 entries... so yes. will be quite a while. anyway, the reason for my doing so and why it will be worth it in the end is a lot more customization and the ability to make link lists as long as i could possibly want, so that'll be something to look forward to. in the meantime, for my update!

thanksgiving and my entire week off last week was pleasant. spent a lot of time around family and friends and the kitchen really. i made some mint brownies that have managed to last me up until today actually, when i ate the last one (sniff.) this thanksgiving was the first thanksgiving that my cousins and i have cooked all the food entirely ON OUR OWN. our parents provided financial support, but it was just my cousins and i in the kitchen from around 11am in the morning, till basically when everyone arrived around 5pm. my cousin made the juiciest turkey (basting it with butter every 15 minutes for 2 hours will do that) and i made some lasagna and some sides, my other cousin made some pumpkin soup and some dessert, and all in all it was a major WIN for the second generation of our family. the party itself was nice, as it really wasn't the usual shindig of just intermediate family members. we had a lot of friends come over and i invited some of my international students to enjoy their first thanksgiving EVER, so i'm sure it was memorable for them. good times as usual, including karaoke of course, and afterwards i remember feeling ridiculously full of food and warmth from the people around me.

the rest of the weekend went rather uneventfully. spent black friday at HOME, which was the best decision i ever made, as last year was complete chaos at the mall. saturday, i went to my cousin's house for leftovers and ping pong, and sunday, i went to the mall with my mom and brother to get my brother some new eyeglasses and i bought an awesome mini-bundt cake pan (i can make 12 mini-bundts at once!) i decided i'm just gonna bake something for my christmas presents this year, which will be tasty and fairly cheap cause i'm pretty poor as usual, but i hope people will appreciate my efforts! if not i have nothing against eating my own baked goods...

hm, so i've been back at work for the past 3 days and it's been really hectic. the kids are overly excited about everything, which leads to me not being able to control them adequately and i have to get them back on the ball. how that's gonna happen exactly is something i'm still working on. anyway, man i'm so glad it's almost the weekend again.

2 days and 2 weeks before winter break. the good thing about teaching jobs is you get the same vacation the kids do. can't wait for more free time to hang out and do a whole lot of the same thing i've been doing.

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