Rest assured everyone, I am still awesome. (staceyu) wrote,
Rest assured everyone, I am still awesome.

officially a month after i've returned from

japan and the philippines, and being back home is starting to feel normal again, even though i still have these bouts of disbelief. did i really go halfway around the world for more than a year? did i really do all those things i wrote about? somehow being back here kind of erases all of that... like i never went anywhere. like i'm back in april of 2010 with no real direction except for the here and now.

it's a lazy sunday afternoon on memorial day weekend and the house is kind of stifling. i always want to go somewhere else, find some stimuli elsewhere, get the brain going. but at the moment there's not much to be done, no particular place to go.

even though today isn't exceptionally eventful, it's been a productive month back thus far. i've (almost) secured a summer job, i've been going to the gym regularly, i'm even training to run a 5k next saturday. went on a short norcal road trip last weekend. i've reunited with almost all of my friends and family and tried to spend time with them in meaningful ways to be a better sister/friend/cousin/niece/daughter.

actually, it's a golden time for me right now. i have enough money from working in japan to last me a few months and i'm just taking it day by day, not even planning to do a whole lot, just enjoying california living at the end of may... beautiful weather, it's almost unfair.

good things can't last though, a day will come when all of this ceases to exist.

but for now...

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