Rest assured everyone, I am still awesome. (staceyu) wrote,
Rest assured everyone, I am still awesome.

chilling in the garage

on my sister's 21st birthday
while she goes to celebrate being able to buy alcohol
and me not wanting to intrude on her newly legalized drunken exploits
with her friends i have nothing in common with anymore
here is where i am instead.

i listen to music i've heard a billion times before
and lean back in the old computer chair
on top of the plastic table someone brought for a party but never bothered to pick up later
i go on my laptop and look at stupid pictures on the internet
and then i open the door to cold night air in
and the dog comes in and eventually falls asleep on the floor, snoring her ass off
and mom is upstairs already asleep so she can wake up early for work
and i don't have to be anywhere in particular tomorrow or have to wake up at a certain time
and the time ticks by very slowly
and outside of the door is it night time
and there my sister is, somewhere
and i am here
not doing much at all
at the ripe old age of 25.

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